1st Team

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Manager: James Joseph Young 

Age: 26

Appearances: 115

Goals: 25

Position: Center Midfield General 

Bio: Captain, Manager, Leader; what more can be said for the 1st team captain. The first in a tackle and the first at the bar this man epitomizes what Reigatians are all about. A true midfield general with bags of ability. Recruited by then 3rd team manager Joel Davis it was clear early on that he was destined for bigger things. Youngy not only brings leadership and a strong competitive nature but also chips in with his fair amount of goals racking up over 20 goals in his 3 seasons with the club.

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1st Team (Senior 1 South)
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Player Profiles

Paul Grenwood 

Position: Goalkeeper 

Paul Joined Reigatians in 2017 and played most of his football for the 2nd team, but will be a huge part of the 1st team squad in 2019-2020. He’s a commanding presence who is agile and a fantastic shot stopper. Distribution is also strength and can often set off quick counter attacks with his direct kicking. Claims to be about 26 years old, looks like he’s had a tough paper round.

Andy Setters

Position: Left back 

Mr versatile! Played in pretty much every position for the first team and is a club stalwart! Joined the club as a youth team player and has gone on to have great success in the first team winning a number of league titles and promotions during his time. A solid and reliable player who will give you 7 out of 10 each week.  Probably scored more own goals than he has goals and is the 3rd best Setters currently playing in the club, but his admin skills make him invaluable to the 1st team management.

Craig Baldry

Position: Center Back

Joined the club half way through 2018/2019 season.  A solid, imposing and calm centre back who is good on the ball and reads the game well. A product of Sutton United Youth Team, Craig will have a big part to play this season!

Justin Jones

Position: Center Back

The granddad of the team, yet probably the fittest of the lot. Justin is entering his 40 season of senior football and shows no sign of ageing. Was a commanding presence in our defense during the 2017-2018 season where we just missed out on promotion and were runners up in the senior cup. Read the game well, outstanding distribution and an eye for goal, we are looking forward to seeing Justin back in green after a season out due to a serious knee injury.

Harry Mullard

Position: CB/CM

Been moaning he wants to play CM for the past 3 years, could this finally be his year? A no nonsense, ball winning player who also possesses quality on the ball. Club legend until he decided to leave for local rivals Reigate Priory. Quickly saw the error of his ways though and returned and was a key part in the 2017 title winning team. Like Andy S, has won a number of promotions/ titles with the first team but probably holds the record as least successful  1st team manager in recent times.  Wind up merchant of the team and always up to mischief, also has the worst hair line in surrey. Like Paul, claims to be 26, no one’s buying it though.

Alex Ocneanu

Position: RB/RM

Alex joined the club in 2016 playing for the 6th team under the guidance of Max Cooper, but very quickly moved up the ranks before eventually finishing in the first team. A very composed and solid defender who likes to attack when given the opportunity to. Suffered a serious ACL injury in 2018, but is back and will be a integral part of the 2019-2020 squad.

Sean Stopher

Position: RB

Another club stalwart joining way back in 2012 and has won a number of promotions and league titles in his time. Like Andy S, has scored a number of memorable own goals, including a 25 yard header! Quick and strong in a tackle, Stopher is loves to get stuck in and attack at any given opportunity. Good reliable club man who plays with passion and epitomizes what the club is about. Possibly the worst taker of throw ins in the league.

Will Chapman

Position: RB/RM

Winner of the 2019 young player of the year award, Will has a big future ahead in the game. Good quality on the ball and tenacious in a tackle, will quickly settled into life as a 1st team player. Needs to stop letting Andy S boss him around though and grow a pair.

Jamie David

Position: CM

Possibly the slowest person in the history of football, but when you’re so composed on the ball, who needs to move?  Quality on the ball and breaks up play well JD adds good balance to the team and keeps the ball moving well and adds quality from set pieces. Started in the 3rd team with Joel Davies and quickly moved into the first team where he has been a big part of their recent success. Appearances limited in 2018/2019 due to birth of daughter, but looking to be part of a successful 2019/2020 season.

Ryan Hill

Position: CM

Joined the club in 2017 with the second team and was moved into the 1st team for the 2018/2019 season. Hard working and loves a tackle, Ryan was a central part of the first team last year and put in a number of commanding performances. Chipped in with a couple of goals and I’m sure he’ll be looking to add to that tally this season. Only flaw is that he’s a Liverpool fan!!!

Alex Weetman 

Position: RM

Alex started the 2018 season in the forth team but quickly made his way up to the first team and played an important role. His job as a PT means that he is quick, fit and strong, coupled with his skill and eye for goal makes Alex a key part of our squad.

Rob Setters

Position: RM/CF

Rob is another club stalwart having joined the youth team and like his twin brother has won a number of titles an promotions during his time at the club. A quick a skillful player, Rob is very difficult to defend against, but he is a hardworking, honest player who will give his all for the team and the club. Suffered a horrific fracture during the 2018/2019 season but is well on his way to recovery. Reputation for being the lightweight in the team when it comes to a team night out, he’d be a cheap date that’s for sure! Scored 30 goals in his 9 years at the club.

Jake Hunt

Position: RW/ CF

A bright young player who has been with the club for many years. A very skillful and tricky player, so skillful I’m not sure he knows what he’s doing half the time. Holds the record for the most amount of flip flaps anyone has  ever attempted in a season. Know to score the odd spectacular and important goal for the club. Sadly recovering from injury, but a good honest club man who bleeds green. Scored 15 goals in his 4 years as a first team player

Justin David 

Position: LM/CF

Versatile player who can play anywhere across midfield or up front. Prolific goal scorer who has scored close to 70 goals in his 4 years and has been 1st team top scorer in 3 of those. Strong and quick with the ball, Justin is a difficult player to defend against. Know to throw the odd tantrum on the pitch and is probably hated by most refs in the league. He is also very humble.

Joe Warnham 

Position: CF

Joe is a new signing and comes with great pedigree. Played in the combined counties for South Park first team, Joe is a quality and experienced striker who knows where the back of the net is. Skilful and quick, Joe will give defenders across the league nightmares throughout the season.

Dean Spearing

Position: CF

Another club legend having played for the club since 2014. Dean has scored a hatfull of goals during his time at the club and some absolute bangers as well. Moved up north somewhere at start of 2017/2018 season but has remained committed to the club and still commutes for games. Links the game up well between attack and midfield and is up there with the 40 goals in his 6 years at the club

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