2nd Team

Sponsor: Hambrook Finance 

Manager: Daryl Joseph Johnson

Age: 26

Appearances: 93

Goals: 6

Position: Center Defense/Midfield 

Bio: Recently appointed 2s manager has been plying his trade with Reigatians for 4 years now. Another Joel Davis recruit has been at the center of a strong 2s team for a couple of years now. This man possesses a rocket of a right foot and a fizzing long throw. A big character on and off the pitch there is no doubt he will be guiding the 2s to glory in the near future. 

League Table

1 Brent 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 Clapham Old Xaverians II 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 Dorkinians III 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 London Welsh 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
5 Old Paulines 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
6 Old St. Mary’s 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
7 Old Tenisonians II 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
8 Old Whitgiftians 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
9 Old Wokingians II 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
10 Reigatians II 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
11 Sinjuns Grammarians 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Table detail  

Upcoming Fixtures

INTS 14/09/19 London Welsh Clapham Old Xaverians II
INTS 14/09/19 Old Paulines Dorkinians III
INTS 14/09/19 Old St. Mary’s Old Tenisonians II
INTS 14/09/19 Old Whitgiftians Old Wokingians II
INTS 14/09/19 Sinjuns Grammarians Reigatians II
INTS 21/09/19 Brent Old Whitgiftians
INTS 21/09/19 Clapham Old Xaverians II Old St. Mary’s
LOBI 21/09/19 Economicals II Reigatians II
INTS 21/09/19 London Welsh Dorkinians III
INTS 21/09/19 Old Tenisonians II Old Paulines
INTS 21/09/19 Old Wokingians II Sinjuns Grammarians
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Player Profiles

Paul Greenwood

Position: Goalkeeper

Paul Joined Reigatians in 2017 and quickly asserted himself as a key member of the 2nd team, his vocal and physical commanding presence in goal combined with his ability to wind the opposition up with ease from sarky comments to the slowest trudge to collect the ball at goal kicks. Paul won the clubs young player of the year, much to the amusement of the majority of the club as the category is for 24 and younger, as you can see, Paul has had a hard paper round

Tom Spink

Position: Winger

When not hanging out with A listers or practicing his camera skills in a porta-loo, he can be seen running up and down the wing on a Saturday for the boys in green. Spinky has been an ever present member of the 2s and most notably the 18-19 season where he returned a career best for goals and assists and finishing as the 2s leading goal scorer. He brings a determination and commitment that matches his ability on and off the ball.

Neil Mercer

Position: Striker

Action man, you can never tell when he turns up if he’s excited for the game or for the showers after. First on the team sheet, first in the showers and last man out the showers, the 2s aren’t soap dodging if mercer is around.  One of the clubs legends, he’s played for most teams and won titles with most, he sets the standard when the 2s walk onto the pitch, whether that’s leading the warm ups, chasing every ball like a pitbull puppy or putting in the first crunching tackle, this man gets the team going. Not to mention his goal scoring record and knack for finding himself involved in crucial moments of games but he also has the crown of having the best looking man hood at the club.


Steve Povey

Position: Striker

The pint sized pick pocket will do exactly that just when you least expect it, not just because of his size or his affiliation with Millwall but mainly because of the effort he puts in for the boys in green. Usually one of the smallest on the pitch but that doesn’t stop him getting above most to get his bonce on it and in recent seasons providing us with the winner and all 3 points. With an eye for goal and his link up play with the others around him, Povey is a key member of this team whilst also dropping in at times to help with the midfield.

Chris Atkin

Position: RW/FW

Nationality: German

The German enforcer, with his slick blonde hair and commanding feet on the wing, Chrissy is starting to impose himself on the 2nd team after a season of good performances for the 3rd team. Chrissy like others epitomises what it is to be a green, fully committed every Saturday on the pitch, leaves nothing out there and then straight the bar after. The German known for his attacking ability but less so for his secret weapon, not just in his pants, but catch him on the dance floor and you’ll see why he’s so nimble on the wings.

George Gasson

Position: RB

Gasson, came into the 2nd team in 2018 after an impressive season with the 3rd team and since then hasn’t looked back. His impressive performances have resulted in the 1st team calling upon his services at times. His ever growing presence in the team epitomises what the 2nd team are about, tough, gritty and over my dead body attitude at the back. Gasson is also a twin with club member/brother Harry, again, these boys sum up what it is to be a Reigatian, leading the charge in the pub most Saturdays after the games. Will he ever score a goal? Who knows!?

Alex Hornall

Position: CB

Age: Old

Grandad of the club, still plying his trade with the 2nd team even at 100 years old, hasn’t had a new pair of boots in 50 of his 100 years but still manages to set impeccable standards on the pitch for the 2nd team. A stalwart at the back and with his trademark step over which has fooled many an opposition, Hornall is one of the first names on the team sheet. His real talent lies in boring the opposition and even his own team mates to death with his old war stories in the bar after games.

Adam Fiech

Position: Left Back/Stricker (Blame Shane)

Fiechy is a true green, Mr reliable for years in the 3rd team but his ability not fully utilised, until he joined the 2nd team on a permanent basis in 2018. With a cultured left foot and pace to burn, Fiechy is a tenacious character at left back who rarely seems flustered by any oppo. His ability is astounding considering his diet of Lucozade, fags and lager.

Andy Crossley

Position: CM

Captain Crossley on the park, this Burnley boy has been with the club since way back, when no one even knew who Burnley were. Whether in midfield or up top this man has a knack of being in the goals and providing assists for others. A huge character in the side who bridges the gap between the youth and more experienced. Taking on the arduous task of leading the line at times, this man isn’t afraid to drop in a roll his dirty little Burnley sleeves up and get stuck in and is a real asset to this team on the park.  Gained notoriety as an international for the British Virgin Islands!

Gary Tomlinson

Position: Forward

Played for the club back in 2017 making a few cameo appearances before making it a permanent arrival. GT brings his class into games with a cushion like first touch, vast awareness and ability to simplify the game. Not shy in stamping his authority on games through his eye for goal. Special mention to for his lego man lid, it never moves, always impeccable, some of the balding lads will be tapping him up for advice on products for sure.

Oli Williams

Position: Winger 

The model himself, prides himself on his likeness of David Beckham in the way he plays, great right foot which can unlock the tightest of defences and can whip a ball almost a full 360 degrees. Yes, the Beckham esque resemblance includes hair dos and the way they both mince around the pitch at times. Williams is a key member of the 2s and the management team but has also been at the club since Hornall celebrated his 80th ! Williams is also the son of the 2nd teams sponsor, his extremely yummy mummy who provides us with the well kept green jersey.


Steve Martin

Position: FB

Steve Martin, 2s legend, a versatile player with an architectural left peg, an aerial dominator and industrious off the ball, sober or half cut, you know what you’re getting from the big man. The man is full of TRICKS, which make their appearance at particular points in the season. Left back or in the middle the man has an eye for goal, most notably a hat trick at the end of 18-19 season which was a season defining win for the 2s.

Gary Dean

Position: CM

Gary joined the club this season and is already a player favourite with the 2s. A tenacious centre mid who gets about and breaks up play whilst also bringing a sense of calmness on the ball. Gary has slotted in perfectly at the club with his understanding of what we are about not only on it but off it in the pub also. A great addition to the team who will no doubt be a big part of it in the future.